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About us

Our mission

We are on a mission to connect, inform, and empower every parent caring for a child with a disability. We’re doing that by ensuring no parent feels left alone, information is easy to share, and newly diagnosed families have access to the insight of those who have been there before.

Our Mission
Our Why

Our why

We are special needs parents, love special needs parents, or were raised by special needs parents.

What gets us out of bed in the morning is the dream of a global community that celebrates, supports, informs, and empowers those parent on or embarking a journey that is everything but ‘ordinary’.


Summer Petrosius

Summer Petrosius is the CEO and Co-Founder behind the AbleFinder App. The idea was born while Summer was working as a speech pathologist for children with disabilities. Shocked at the limited contact that their parents had with peers and the enormous impact this had on the family's quality of life, Summer decided to do something about it.

For Summer, AbleFinder is more than an app to connect special needs mums and dads. It's about educating and uniting parents so that they are empowered to advocate for their children's rights and access the support their family needs.

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