Ours will truly be your tribe

As an on- and offline community, AbleFinder is revolutionizing the way in which parents of children with disability connect, inform, and empower each other.

Our mission

There are more than 60 million parents around the world caring for a child with a disability who feel alone, misunderstood, and unable to cope.

Our mission is to work with the global disability community to ensure that: no family feels left alone, information is easily shared, and newly diagnosed families have access to the insight of those who have been there before.

Our Mission
Our Why

Our why

We are a social enterprise, which means our community (that’s you) is the heartbeat behind everything we do.

What gets us out of bed in the morning is the dream of a world where every parent and primary carer raising a child with disability feels connected, informed, and empowered.

Our recipe for change

People power
People power:

we work in direct partnership with our community, from everything to product design to funding

Giving culture
Giving culture:

our community voluntarily contribute their time and expertise to to support other parents faced with similar experiences


we enable parents to make informed decisions by providing unbiased access to community-authored resources


we use cutting edge technology to ensure our community has the support the need, when they need it.

How we work

We listen and collaborate with you
We build amazing technology
We grow our community
We test to make sure we’ve got it right

Joining AbleFinder can lead to...

Better conversations
Better conversations

experience a sense of belonging, support, and empowerment

Improved health and wellbeing
Improved health and wellbeing

feel less isolated, more able to cope, less sad, guilty or lonely

Higher quality of care
Higher quality of care

learn more about caring and advocating for your children

Get involved

AbleFinder is an on- and offline community that connects parents of children with disability with others on similar journeys. Get connected today

Get involved
Partner with us

There are lots of different ways for you to support our work. Together, we will make sure that every parent and primary carer raising a child with disability feels connected, supported, and empowered.

Partner with us

We rely on the contribution of our parents and the wider community to facilitate the work we do. If you’re looking for a great cause to get behind, we will be forever grateful for your donation.